Helping Women Make Smart Money Decisions©

A Women’s Financial Boutique©

Simons Financial Network is a women’s financial services boutique, headquartered in New York City since 1981, to help women make smart money decisions, and help individuals achieve their American Dream.

One-stop shopping - advice, services, and products - are carefully structured and fully integrated, allowing solutions that satisfy all of our clients’ concerns - emotional as well as financial. Particular attention is paid to education, day-to-day money management, life goals & values, and wealth management.

Founder, Eric Simons is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), and Personal Business Manager. He helps busy individuals gain control of their finances.

Simons Financial Network was founded in order to utilize the services of related experts acting in concert.

As your Trusted Family Advisor©, SFN can provide:

ü Education & Advocacy

ü Our Flagship Personal Business Management

ü Divorce Financial Planning

ü Risk-Managed, Tax-Efficient Investing©

ü Tax Planning & Preparation

ü Financial & Retirement Planning

ü Estate Planning & Insurances

ü Credit Management & Negotiation

ü Entrepreneurial Counseling & Consulting

We Advise, You Decide©